Georgia: Notary Services

Family Documents and Mobile Notary Services

Families go through many legal activities every year. Even a simple transfer of ownership of property, to a power of attorney, almost all business activities between people needs a notary's services. A simple letter or document without a notary's stamp/seal can be very ineffective if problems arise down the road.

Always use a notary for all important business. If it wasn't notarized, you may find that the few dollars you saved not notarizing your document(s), could cost you tens of thousands of dollars later on.

Unable to travel, or Not feeling the desire to go find a notary location? Let me come to you! I am available days and even nights in some cases.

Here are some locations I cover:

1. Hospitals

2. Homes

3. Place of Business

4. Hospice / Home Care Facilities

5. Private Care Facilities

6. CourtHouse

7. Real Estate Offices

8. Banks 9. Etc - Not listed? Simply call and ask!

Places not covered:

1. Malls

2. Intersections of streets

3. Anywhere outside / Unknown addresses

4. Basements

5. Illegal Dwellings

6. Out of state

7. Extreme distances


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