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§ 45-17-1. Definitions

§ 45-17-1.1. Power to appoint notaries public

§ 45-17-2. Qualifications of notaries

§ 45-17-2.1. Application to be a notary; endorsements and declarations

§ 45-17-2.2. Application information to be matter of public record

§ 45-17-2.3. Grant or denial of commission or recommission; grounds; unauthorized practice of law

§ 45-17-3. Oath of office

§ 45-17-4. Payment of fees to court clerk and Secretary of State; Secretary of State to keep record of notaries appointed; reappointment

§ 45-17-5. Term of office; revocation; renewal of commission; issuance of certificates of appointment; record of appointments; duplicate original of certificate as prerequisite to obtaining seal; holding self out as or exercising powers of notary without commission

§ 45-17-6. Seal of office

§ 45-17-7. Commissioning of nonresidents as notaries; powers and duties

§ 45-17-8. Powers and duties generally

§ 45-17-8.1. Signature and date of notarial act

§ 45-17-8.2. Misrepresentation prohibited; required notice; posting of schedule of fees; penalty provision

§ 45-17-9. Where notarial acts may be exercised

§ 45-17-10. Notaries not to issue attachments or garnishments or approve bonds for such purpose; not to issue summons in dispossessory case; may attest affidavit in attachment, garnishment, or dispossessory action

§ 45-17-11. Fees of notaries

§ 45-17-12. Authority of notaries who are stockholders, directors, officers, or employees of banks or other corporations to witness execution of written instruments

§ 45-17-13. Change of residence, address, or name

§ 45-17-14. Notice of loss or theft of notarial seal

§ 45-17-15. Revocation of commission; denial of reappointment

§ 45-17-16. Revocation of commission; return of papers; destruction of seal

§ 45-17-17. Resignation of commission; return of papers; destruction of seal

§ 45-17-18. Destruction of seal upon expiration or denial of renewal of commission

§ 45-17-19. Authenticity of official signature and term of office; fees; apostille

§ 45-17-20. Penalty; prosecution of violations of article

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