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Travel Fee

By Appointment Only!
$20+ from 9am - 4pm
5PM - 7PM = $30+
7PM - 9PM = $50+
Witness ONLY = $50
Additional Docs = $2 

Notary Fees

- Come to my location -
By Appointment ONLY!
$2 Per Notarized Document
$8 Admin Fee - 9am - 5pm
$13 admin fee 5pm - 7pm
$18 admin fee 7pm - 9pm

Notary Signing Agent

$65 - $85 Per Signing
Price varies by signing
Prices does not include travel fees
BY Appointment ONLY!

i9 Verification

$35 - Come to my location
$45 Minimum for Mobile Services
Printing - $2 per page

Living Trust

$150 - Simple Living Trust
$200 - $350 - Small Estate (Assets)
$500+ Large Estate (Assets)

Final Will and Testament

$120 - Simple Will
$150 - $250 - Small Estate (Assets)
$300+ Large Estate (Assets)

Document Writing

If you're in need of custom documents such as Travel affidavits for children, or the elderly, Affidavits of Truth, letters, declarations, notices, I can help! Simply call 334.377.0932

General Rules of Conduct and Service


0. DO NOT SIGN any document before I arrive. I will NOT notarize pre-signed documents.

1. Travel fee is $20 Minimum within the zip code 30044. Travel fees and prices are non-negotiable.

2. It is best to speak with me on a call before hiring me, this way I can confirm whether I can notarize a document or not. Once I arrive, the travel fee is due.

3. ALL parties signing a document MUST be present and have their VALID picture ID for ALL visits. Expired ID’s are not valid! No Exceptions! No Video Calls! No remote signings!

4. The first 5 minutes after I arrive is free. However beyond 5 minutes, I charge $2 per 5-minute I have to wait.

5. I will NOT sign any document for you, I can only sign as a notary.

6. If you need me to prepare a document for you, I charge $5+ per page depending on complexity.

7. If you need me to print a document for you, I charge $2 per page

8. If I have to visit you twice, I charge the same travel fee, twice. Please review your documents for mistakes before hiring me. I will NOT notarize a second document for free.

9. Gold Seals are available for $10 per seal. Great for Originals, declarations, diplomas, certificates, etc